Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Art of Christopher Bell

Chris Bell of other world illustrations will have illustrations and cards to sell.

Check out his web page at

Phot Art by Alison Clews

Alison Clews sent us this wonderful video of her Photo Art too Share. Enjoy! She and her photography will be at Art Market this Saturday

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Alice's Tea Party

Gemma Louise Croxton of Alices Tea Party Vintage China Hire will be at the Art Market and cakes for Japan at the Exchange.

Alice's Tea Party off Vintage China Hire and Vintage Inspired accessories. Her vintage china will be used at the vintage tea party as part of Cakes for Japan.

Please visit her Facebook page and become a fan.

Burslem China painters.

We are proud to have the Burslem China Painters attending Art Market. The Burslem China painters work at Burslem School of Art. Using the traditional methods, designs are hand painted on white glazed china and fired several times.

Artists are mentored by the world renowned, Royal Doulton and Spode Chief Artist Mr Tony Challiner

They offer for sale unique decorated china- plates,mugs,vases,giftware etc.

Annakin Silver

Silver is always stylish and elegant. Annakin Silver by Anna France is no exception but still exceptional.

Please visit her website for a taster of what will be on Sale on the 2nd of July at Piccadilly Hanley

Amy Tonks. Beads and Bangles

Amy Tonks of Beads and Bangles is selling her Jewellery at Art Market. She creates unique and decorative medical alert bracelets which I think is really clever and unique! See them for yourself on the 2nd of July at Art Market. Please visit her Facebook page and become a fan.

Jewellery by Katy Ryles

Katy Ryles makes some fantastic Jewellery which will be for Sale at Art Market. Please visit her blog for more information. From the sound of her latest post she is very busy making exciting new items.

Monday, 13 June 2011

No one gets left behind....

Not in my squad!!!

Hello. If you've sent me a request or have any other outstanding inquiry regarding Art Market 2011 and not heard back from me yet then make sure to drop us another line at:

You can give me a bell on my mobile number at the bottom of my email signature.

OR you can visit me at The Exchange, No8 Cheapside, Hanley (by appointment please) for a Brew.