Monday, 18 July 2011

Thank you & Bye for now!

Thank you for your support. I am very happy to have met and worked with so many talented and professional people. Also to be a part of something that brought so much colour and life to the City Centre on a summers day. This includes Picadilly Circus and the hard work of Matt Taylor.

If you were a seller Please check the site and re-post anything to help promote your business.

If anyone is interested in purchasing anything you see on here. I'm sure the artists/makers will be happy to hear from you. I have linked to their web-pages and contact info wherever possible.

I couldn't have been more pleased with how the day went!

This project is now closed for the time being. As such this blog, the email, and facebook page will no longer be updated regularly.

I would like to see Art Market grow to become a well established annual event. Perhaps we will see you at Art Market 2012.

All the best.
Marcus Wemyss: Art Market Project Manager
Gemma Thomas: Exchange Project Manager.

Amy Tonks. Beads and Bangles & Medical alert Jewelry

Stunning handcrafted jewelry by Amy Tonks, who was at Art Market selling these and her medical alert jewelry. You can find out more about both by visiting her facebook page.

Burslem China Painters

Burslem China Painters are a group of traditional pottery painters that meet at Burslem school of art at 2.30 on Tuesday afternoons. For more information speak to the Burslem school of Art

Alan Barrett and Creative Vine.

Alan ran a painting workshop for children on the day. Inviting them to make there own art. Please visit his webpage for information on more educational and fun children's workshops.

Creative vine is a Christian community group ran by Andreas and Louisa Christaki of Hanley Baptist church. They spread the gospel through art and photography. They also shared a gazebo with and helped out Alan. (pictured above)

Rozell Kania. Kania Bear it.

Adorable hand crafted bears. Handmade with love. Too cute. Visit

Tom Rooney.

More fine art from another talented painter. Tom Rooney. Enjoy. You can buy from this site, through barewall.

Emily Rowan Edwards. Public Emily.

Emily Rowan Edwards is a Fine Art painter who specializes in portraiture. Check out her blurb online page for more info